Has the temptation to check out new features like Control Center and AirDrop been too much? Or will you wait for the official release?
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Have you installed the iOS 7 beta?


The iOS 7 beta has been available for just a little under a week now, and while its initial release was solely intended for developers, chances are a few outside sources have gotten their hands on Apple’s latest vision for mobile. While initial reports indicate about what we would expect (read: plenty of bugs, poor battery life, etc.), we are wondering if anyone out there is using iOS 7 as as a daily driver.

The recommendation would be to hold off, but for some the temptation of a revamped UI and new features like Control Center, AirDrop, and improved multitasking are too hard to resist. Of course, Apple’s warning that upgrading to iOS 7 offers no means of returning to a stable build of iOS 6 (though not totally accurate) might have turned a few off. So have you taken the plunge? Let us know how you’re liking the new version of iOS in the comments below!

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  • jnt

    Yep… it’s kinda messed up my icloud backups because of the mix&match with OS versions, but other than that and some beta quirks, it’s been a nice change (also own an S4 for comparison’s sake).

  • James Rogers

    I picked up a 5th Gen iPod Touch to put it on, and have been pleased with the stability, keeping in mind that it is an early beta. I haven’t pushed it very hard yet. I’ve only loaded a few 3rd party apps so far. I have mainly been using it to test the new UI, stock app updates, and iTunes Radio. So far, so good for me.

  • Bianca Zavala

    I put it on my personal device, and it works just fine for everyday use.

  • Yhangg Rama

    does installing the ios7 beta makes your device jailbroken ?? i mean do you need to jailbreak your device to use the ios7??

    • acwgxc

      No. You need either an apple developer account ($100) or you need to find the .ipsw online.

  • acwgxc

    I got it from ujailbreakiphone for my iPhone 5 and other than the poor battery life, I would say it is pretty solid for a beta release, especially the first one.