With official support for third-party gamepads coming to iOS 7, here's an early look at a Logitech G-Series controller.
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Logitech’s iPhone 5 gamepad leaks

logitech iphone 5 gamepad

If you missed it in the shuffle of all the other iOS 7 news, the latest update to Apple’s mobile platform will feature support for third-party gamepads. That is what you see here, courtesy of Logitech. The four button plus analog stick setup features a cradle sized perfectly for the iPhone 5. Oh, and there’s a Lightning connector in case we might mistake this for a more generic gaming pad.

We should expect to see this offering from Logitech’s G-Series lineup this fall once iOS 7 sees an official release. An Apple-branded counterpart? All signs point to “Don’t Hold Your Breath.”

[via Kotaku]

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