Case design hints at Apple's long-rumored budget iPhone model, which appears headed for a fall launch.
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Case reveals curved, low-cost iPhone design?

case for low-cost iPhone

As has been the case in the past (pun possibly intended), an early accessory preview might provide a few clues about Apple’s next-gen iPhone. In this case (let’s see how many times I can do this) we’re talking the long-rumored “low-cost” iPhone that is said to accompany the launch of the iPhone 5S this fall. As you can see from the case in question, a design from MGM Corp, the device will track close to the iPhone 5/5S design but sport a curved back.

The curved back has been a staple to budget iPhone rumors, as has word that it will be comprised of plastic. What seems likely is an iPhone model that will resemble the fifth-generation iPod Touch in appearance, mixing in the cellular bits of the iPhone 5/5S.

case for low-cost iPhone next to iPhone 5 case

From the case we gather that the device itself would be thicker than the iPhone 5 by about 2mm, and while the 5 fits rather snugly within the plastic protector, curved edges leave things not quite perfect. So we are definitely looking at a case for something other than the iPhone 5.

In any case (one more for the road), it appears more likely than ever that Apple will debut two iPhone models this year in a departure from their standard release strategy. The budget phone is rumored to retail for $99.

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  • Edgar Cervantes

    Couldnt that be a case for one of the many other devices out there?