Samsung and HTC also considering the technology as an alternative for keeping device temperatures down.
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Apple could introduce liquid cooling to future iPhone models

iPhone needs to cool down

As smartphone hardware becomes more and more powerful, keeping things cool is becoming a bigger and bigger issue. Soon, the simple metal heat sinks used in today’s handsets won’t be able to adequately regulate device temperatures as they handle the rigors of multi-core processing and energy-hungry 4G radios. It’s not surprising, then, that Digitimes is reporting that several major smartphone manufacturers — Apple included — are looking into liquid cooling as an alternative.

While the claim is unconfirmed, it makes sense that the likes of Apple, Samsung, and HTC would borrow a technology that has already found a home in the netbook market. And let’s be clear: liquid cooling for mobile devices isn’t some future-thinking concept, either. It’s already been deployed in one smartphone, the NEC Medias X 06 E.

In that device, tiny pipes with a diameter of less than a millimeter carry liquid which whisks heat away from churning components, regulating temperature build up. Digitimes‘ report claims more devices featuring a similar setup could launch by the end of the year. For Apple, though, we’d bet we’ll be waiting a bit longer. The company rarely gambles on emerging technology out of the gate.

[via Digitimes]

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  • Edgar Cervantes

    Crazy idea. I have only seen huge gaming computers use liquid cooling.