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Holy bass!  That was my first reaction upon putting on the I-Mego Throne Gold headphones for the first time.  I knew ahead of time that the I-Mego Throne Gold headphones were advertised as deep bass headphones, but I didn’t expect quite the bass thumping I first experienced.   Could the I-Mego Throne Gold be a bass lover’s dream set of headphones? Read on to find out!

Build Quality

I-Mego certainly didn’t skimp on the build quality of the Throne Gold headphones.  Even the fancy packaging they come in screams high quality.  The packaging includes a fancy front flap held in place by a magnet and a plastic molded holder for the headphones.

The fancy packaging the I-Mego Throne Gold headphones arrived in.

The fancy packaging the I-Mego Throne Gold headphones arrived in.

The headphones themselves certainly have a sleek look to them.  The gold grill on the outside of the ear pads themselves is a unique, eye catching style.  The headphones feel very high quality and very durable.  While the shiny gold parts appear to be all metal, the gold grills are actually shiny painted plastic.  While I was a bit disappointed to find this out, the plastic felt very durable and strong and wasn’t creaky or bendable.

The unique and eye catching gold and black grill look of the Throne Gold headphones.

The unique and eye catching gold and black grill look of the Throne Gold headphones.

All of the movable parts from the resizable sliding headband to the flexible ear pads that bend to fit your head shape, felt very high quality and durable.  These would not be a pair of headphones that I would worry about being broken easily if I tossed them into a bag.

Comfort and Feel

I was surprised just how light-weight these headphones were when taking them out of the box for the first time.  These headphones do not feel heavy or bulky in your hand or on your head.

The ear pads themselves are a different shape than I have been accustomed to in other over-the-ear headphones I have tested out.  They have more of an oblong oval shape to them while other headphones tend to stick with a more circular shape.  This long oval shape really fits the shape of your ear snuggly and really make the headphones feel like they “grab” your ear.

The taller, oval shaped ear pads fit and gripped my ears exceptionally well.

The taller, oval shaped memory foam ear pads fit and gripped my ears exceptionally well and were very comfortable.

These grippy ear pads assure that you don’t have to worry about them slipping off your head and really effectively sealed out a lot of the noises from your surroundings.  This allowed me to experience a distraction free music experience in which I could hear subtle background chords, notes, and singing that I had missed in some of my favorite songs in past listening experiences.

The ear pads are made of some type of memory-foam and the headband is made of real leather stuffed with a generous amount of padding as well.  The combination of pillow-like, memory foam ear pads and the soft real-leather band made these headphones hands-down the most comfortable pair I have ever worn.  I was able to wear them for long periods with no discomfort at all.

Audio Performance

The most comfortable headphones in the world wouldn’t be worth it if the sound quality didn’t match their great feel.  The I-Mego Throne Gold headphones, thankfully, didn’t disappoint in the performance category.

As I mentioned before, I was surprised at the booming bass that flowed from these headphones upon first firing up a song when using them right out of the box.  I had to quickly reach for the volume dial and turn it way down to keep my ear drums from feeling like they would burst.


If you are considering purchasing the Throne Gold headphones, make sure you are the type of person who always likes to have the bass turned way up to the point where it becomes the focus of the music.  I heard bass chords and drumming that I never knew even existed loudly and clearly in the background of my songs.  However, sometimes the bass was so overpowering it was difficult to hear the treble notes or the lyrics of the song clearly.  I know there are some of you out there who would say, “Great!,” to that idea, but not all people fit into that category of music listeners.  I found myself needing to go into my equalizer settings to lower the bass just a hair, as I am someone who likes to hear the bass notes but not to the point of missing out on the other parts of the song.

Other than the bass, the rest of the audio quality is about what I would consider average for a pair of high-end headphones.  If you are used to low quality ear-buds or cheaper over-the-ear headphones, you definitely will notice a higher quality sound emanating from the Throne Golds.


If you are a rock, R&B, or rap music fan who loves to turn the bass up to the point where your car rattles or your neighbors next door can feel the bumping, the I-Mego Throne Gold Headphones are going to be a pair of headphones you will want to consider.  The bass levels of these headphones blew away anything else I have tried.

If you are more of a pop, classical, or country music fan, or someone who prefers not to push the bass to thumping levels, these may not be the headphones you prefer.  Instead, you may consider the similarly priced I-Mego Throne Poison headphones which are tuned to be more balanced and to give a higher quality to vocals and acoustics.



The I-Mego Throne Gold and Throne Poison headphones are available online from I-Mego’s website for $129.99.

The I-Mego Throne Gold headphones were provided for review on iSource by I-Mego through MaxBorgesAgency.   For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the “About” page.


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