Facebook-owned Instagram announced new video features at a press event today, including the ability to capture 15-second clips, add filters, and more.
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Video comes to Instagram, updated app available now


After 16 billion photos shared and 130 million monthly users liking 1 billion images per day, Facebook’s Instagram will gain support for an additional visual format: video. Without changing the core of the Instagram app, the team behind the popular photo-sharing app is adding the ability to capture video clips up to 15 seconds in length.

Instagram stitches together a collage of video clips, not unlike Vine, but offers several compelling features not available in competing services. Users can easily delete segments from a video, choose from 13 video-specific filters, and choose a cover photo to display in the feed.

What’s more, the team behind Instagram has also developed Cinema, which enhances and stabilizes video to turn your so-so shots into masterpieces. It can’t turn trash into treasure, but it makes the job a whole lot easier for the user.

All of these features set up Instagram to be a true challenger in mobile video, leaving Vine and others to play catchup. It will be interesting to see how the millions of Instagram users worldwide take advantage of the new features to create new content. The updated app is now live in the App Store as a free download.


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