Clearest look at the iPhone 5S yet reveals new processor, showcases bigger batter and dual-LED flash in all-too-familiar package.
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Latest leak confirms A7 chip for iPhone 5S


Another day, another iPhone 5S leak. We’ve been seeing quite a few lately, each a little more revealing than the last. That’s about what we’d expect now that the device has reportedly entered the mass production phase. Our latest look at the device highlights the A7 processor that will power an otherwise unassuming refresh of the iPhone 5.

apple a7 iPhone 5s

The markings on the chip show it is definitely a bump up from the A6 of the current-generation iPhone. They also confirm that the A7 to feature in the iPhone 5S will not be produced by Samsung. Previous reports said Apple was sourcing TSCM for the part.

We also get a look at the upcoming iPhone’s larger battery and dual-LED flash. That latter is possibly a “smart” flash, which deploys either or both of two different-tinged LED bulbs to provide the best possible lighting for photos.

iphone 5s dual flash

The pictures don’t, however, reveal anything along the lines of a fingerprint scanner, one feature speculated to come to the next-gen iPhone. It’s still possible we will see this, but there is no solid evidence at this time.

[via MacRumors]

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  • Renkman

    Why is it these leaked prototypes always look like hell. No one takes care of their prototypes like they used to.