Second release of iOS 7 features no major changes, but bug and performance tweaks should be welcomed by developers.
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Apple releases iOS 7 beta 2, developers can download now


Apple has just dropped the first update to the iOS 7 beta and those with developer accounts can now download and install at their leisure. The update addresses a number of bug and performance issues and should make for a more stable software build. Oh, and it’s now available for the iPad.

Other additions include the return of Voice Memos and new male and female Siri voices (we heard them at WWDC). Also available is the Xcode 5 Developer Preview 2 and the second beta of Apple TV Software 5.4.

In case you missed it, we have full installation instructions for the iOS 7 beta. If beta 2 of iOS 7 still isn’t your cup of tea, we also have instructions for restoring your device to iOS 6.

[via Apple]

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  • Renkman

    Sweet, for the iPad, too!

  • josh nolan

    Works great

  • josh nolan

    Beta ios 7 is about as stable as jelly bean