In version 2.3, users can now share multiple photos and direct links to Dropbox folders, swipe gestures add to the fun.
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Dropbox for iOS gets new swipe gestures, better file sharing

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Dropbox for iOS has seen a bump up to version 2.3, now available as a download from the App Store. The update sees a number of enhancements that continue to refine the cloud storage service’s implementation on iPhone and iPad, including new swipe gestures to quickly favorite, share, move, or delete a file.

Sharing has been improved in several areas, as well. Users can now share a Dropbox folder link from within the app. They can also choose and share several photos simultaneously. This all comes alongside standard bug fixes and “magical performance improvements.” You can grab the latest version for free now.

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  • Edgar Cervantes

    I don’t even use Dropbox anymore. Sticking with Google Drive.

    • Renkman

      I’ve tried to use Google Drive more often, but I have issues with it messing with the formatting when I go back and forth between Apple & Microsoft documents. Never have that problem with Dropbox.