In just six short years, the iPhone has uprooted the mobile industry, and changed the way we communicate forever.
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Original iPhone hit store shelves six years ago today


It’s kind of hard to believe, but it feels like the first iPhone was introduced more than ten years ago, while at the same time it feels startlingly new. Today marks the sixth anniversary of when the iPhone went on sale. There have been leaps and bounds both in the technology inside the device, and the technology used to create the device.

It’s hard to think that the original iPhone had no third-party apps, no 3G connectivity, no high-resolution display, and was only available on AT&T’s network here in the States. Additionally, original iPhone launched unsubsidized at a cost of $599 for an 8GB model and $499 for a 4GB model. This initial high cost didn’t keep Apple from selling $6.1 million units, though–a concept many critics didn’t see coming. Apple soon saw explosive growth of the iPhone line, taking the majority of industry profit with it.

Since the release of the original iPhone, Google changed their initial plans for Android. Originally a knockoff of RIM’s Blackberry, they chose to go in a different direction soon after the iPhone was released. ┬áCoincedently, the Android OS changed to follow a more touchscreen-based input form factor. Since then, Android has also seen healthy growth and is the only other major player beside’s Apple’s iOS in the smartphone OS marketshare fight.

Six short years have been a lot of fun, and with the introduction of iOS 7, just a few short weeks ago, it appears that at least the next five years will be just as much fun.


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