Tick, tick, tick. Google Reader is about to expire for good.
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Google Reader shudders into the grave


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In a few hours, the online behemoth Google – the free service for email with Gmail and cloud-based storage with Google Drive – is burying the mighty RSS aggregator, Google Reader. The announcement has been coming for months, and Google Reader itself has been telling about its impending demise. Nevertheless it’s a sad, sad day.

Once a powerhouse, Google Reader was the main source for iPhone and iPad apps to tap into and relay those feeds in a form that was convenient for users, all the while keeping everything in sync. Now, popular iPhone / iPad apps such as Pulse, Flipboard, and other news curatoring apps – as well as RSS feed apps like Feeddler – will feel the void if they are not updated to collect the RSS feeds themselves. Unfortunately this in turn limits the synchronizing capability and forces a user to only one dedicated service.

In an attempt to find a suitable replacement, I agreed with most of the opinions out there. Although The Old Reader came close, I opted for Feedly. Feedly not only makes me happy to use online, it has a stellar idevice app, and Google Chrome App.

What about you? With the end of Google Reader, how will you stay synchronized and up to date with your feeds?



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