Could Apple's long-rumored smart watch be closer than we think? Or is Apple merely putting their stamp on the iWatch name as an insurance policy?
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Apple goes for iWatch trademark in Japan

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Apple hasn’t announced a smart watch (yet), but the evidence continues to point to the possibility in the near future. At this year’s D11 conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company was indeed pondering wearable computing devices, and now a trademark filing in Japan for the iWatch name backs that up.

Of course, it’s typically cheaper for a company to hoard trademarks up front rather than attempt to win back rights later. Apple could merely be attempting to place its stamp on an iWatch name that has long been unofficially associated with the company. Think of it more as an insurance policy in case a smart watch ever does come our way from the iPhone maker. We wouldn’t say the filing makes the device a sure bet.

But Apple has been known to surprise us. Maybe the iWatch is closer than we think, or maybe it will never be a reality.

[via Bloomberg]

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