Can iOS 7 beta already be jailbroken with current exploits? Only time will tell as the summer rumors heat up approaching the release of Apple's next OS along side the next iPhone.
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Is iOS 7 already jailbroken?


The jailbreak scene has been a little bit quiet as of late.  This is to be expected as we are in a little bit of a lame-duck period before iOS 7 is released later this summer, presumably along side a new iPhone.  All that changed yesterday when Ryan Petrich (@rpetrich) posted this juicy nugget on his Twitter page–and the internet has been all a buzz ever since.


What this picture appears to be is a screen shot of iOS 7 running on a jailbroken iPod Touch with @rpetrich’s Activator installed on the device.  Interestingly, there is a warning on the screen that Activator is running on an untested, “newer” version of iOS, and that its features may not work as designed.

I’m sure this can all be staged/faked in some way, but considering its posted by the creator of Activator, who is a well known iOS hacker/engineer himself, I expect that it is indeed legit.

Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves and interpret this info to mean that a Jailbreak for iOS 7 is around the corner–because it’s not.  No hacker in their right mind would waste an exploit on an early beta version software release.  However, it is still very good news for the Jailbreak community in general.  What it does mean is, despite Apple’s best effort to check off previously “missing” features form the iOS arsenal, there is always room for new and exciting ideas and tweaks that only the hacker community can provide.  Furthermore, and most important, is there is still an interest in preserving a jailbreak for the next OS, and beyond.

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