Read this contributor's take on why the move from Apple's current design to a flat look is a mistake.
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The look of iOS 7 – from classy to cartoonish



I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the impending iOS 7 design and flat appearance of icons, menus, and the absence of perspective. And the more I think about it, the more turned off I am about the idea of it all.

This is in contrast to the fact that I do like the look of some of my frequently-used apps that are flat. After all, several Google’s iOS apps (except Gmail oddly) are two-dimensional and simplistic, right? But Google has been touting simplicity since its inception so that doesn’t surprise me.

Any.Do? Flat. Skype? Flat. Feedly? Mailbox? RunKeeper? Flat, flat, FLAT!


Ok. So the 2-dimensional appearance has earned its rightful place in my iOS world. But here’s the deal for me: it’s the contrast between the larger print, flatly designed appearance of those apps and Apple’s classy, 3-dimensional style with light and mirrored reflections that make the experience of using an iPhone visually satiating.

Without this contrast, I feel as if we’ve returned too far to Apple’s 1980’s roots, and that visual experience will also fall… well… flat.


In a single iOS 7 upgrade, the debate (48 sec) will go from “Look King, [the world] she’s a round like this apple” (58sec) back to “She is flat like your head” (1:08)


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  • josh nolan

    I have the beta and inam really impressed with it overall… I left ios for a year to go with the note because i was bored with looking at IOS… I love the new messaging, the clear keyboard, the backgrounds, i think it was a smart move and i do not miss the 5 years of the exact same thing although now in gonna have this for years…. I think it was a nice change and really is the same thing with slight changes

    • Jay

      You’re at least giving me hope. I am basing my opinion not on actual use (yet). And as I mentioned, I do appreciate a well-designed app that is flattened. But if the whole experience is flat, I’m thinking it will look goofy and I’ll miss the depth of field that makes the current and previous iOS appealing.

  • steven_amani

    I have been using iOS 7 since beta 1 dropped and I love it overall. It just strikes me as people are afraid of change.

    • Jay

      I respectfully disagree. As Apple lovers, if anything we admonish Cupertino when they don’t change!

  • Steve Kramer

    I give IOS 7 a C-. Have been using IOS 7 and it has some great refinements in use but the look is horrible. I am a graphic designer and love using Macs and Iphones under Jobs/Forstall design principles. This flat design WILL find its way to the Mac OS and this will be a sad day. This WILL turn off a lot of people. Cook/Ives need to go back to the original Ios designers and revise this mess.

    Have you seen the new graphics for the charging icon of a battery or the graphics for the Voice Recorder. The colors for the calculator. The use of white space is draining my battery all the time. Flat design will only work if you use darker backgrounds. And lastly, the typefont is too slender. It needs to be thicker for you to b eable to read at all.


    Weather App
    Paralax backgrounds
    Full screen swipe
    Screen effects

    On Screen shortcuts
    99 % icons changed
    Graphics for Voice Recorder
    Graphics for Notes


    • Jay

      I think you hit on a good point: a narrow font and design elements will cut into how easy this is on the eyes. I’m sure it’s my age (over 40), but I don’t want to be reminded that it’s tough to see the already too-small screen (another complaint of mine).

    • Mike

      LOL, when an old person bitches about how he can’t read the new font on the iPhone. The iPhone isn’t designed for people your age. That’s a mistake Apple made before and seems to be trying to correct with new gestures and the new look. Go buy a dumb phone.

    • Tarrant Hightopp

      Draining your battery? iPhone Screens are LED Screens. They are powered by a backlight, that backlight drains the battery depending on the brightness, not the colors it’s backlighting. You’re thinking of android devices with OLED Screens. Dark backgrounds may or may not come, I think it’s too early to make a judgement call on that one, and while I disagree with you and I’m cool with the white, I hear that. So far that’s your only semi valid reason to dislike ios 7 though, cause small text, you can make larger, and you really don’t need to, are you sure you eyes are alright? My eyes suck balls and I see the text fine.

  • AdamChew

    Funny they were making fun of the name IPad ages ago.

    If you don’t like the design of the logos no one force you to stick around so try not to be so thick skinned and go for a hike.

  • Jurassic

    After seeing iOS 7, I feel the same way about the original iPhone OS as I do about the design of Mac OS 9. I feel nostalgic about it, but it had its day, and we now have something better in its place.

    • Jay

      Let’s see if you feel the same when the design also makes it to your Mac. 😉

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I always thought the new design was kinda cheesy.

  • josh nolan

    They are using their old logo for the color scheme so i guess they at least have a reasoning for it…

    • josh nolan

      Plus we all bitched about it needing to catch up lol so when they listen and change things…. But hey some bitch no matter what you do

  • AtWork

    iOS7 looks like a real cookie cutter world