Filings in Mexico, Taiwan, and other regions suggest Apple is going after iWatch trademark aggressively, could we see a launch later this year?
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More iWatch trademarks emerge, could launch be near?

Yesterday came with news that Apple had filed for an iWatch trademark in Japan. Today we are learning that those efforts have extended to several other countries, as well. Filings by Apple or connected to the company in some way have surfaced in Mexico, Taiwan, Turkey, and Columbia.

The iWatch trademark applications were filed June 3rd and follow the filing in Japan and an earlier report of Apple going for the trademark in Russia. It all adds up to the possibility that we could see the iWatch sooner than anticipated.

Or, Apple could be stockpiling trademarks as the iWatch name gets tossed around more and more in association with the rumored project, protecting their brand for an eventual release that might not come until much longer down the road. Possibly the case with one or two trademark filings, but the effort to gain rights to the name in so many markets suggests something else is going on.

So when will we see the iWatch? Some analysts believe production will begin as early this month. A later 2013 launch is not out of the question.

[via CNET]

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  • Edgar Cervantes

    I can’t wait to see what this is all about. I love the idea of smart watches, but I feel like no one has done it right. Will Apple manage? I hope so!