Many Kickstarter projects struggle to succeed. In the world of portable devices, I am hoping this one might make it.
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The Kickstand – a portable HD projector on Kickstarter


In my world of traveling and presenting, a traditional LCD projector is a mainstay. Unfortunately those buggers are both fragile and heavy for portability. It’s also a nuisance to ask a client to provide one because frequently upon arrival at a site, I find they are antiquated behemoths with a dim bulb. While I’ve considered several mini-projectors as an alternative, most of them distort beyond 6 feet (diagonally measured) and are limited in lumens or brightness.

bem Wireless (pronounced “beam”) has recently announced a cool looking Kickstarter project called the Kickstand that looks to tackle some of the issues: in particular both portability and brightness.

This unified construction appears to have a lot going for it – a built-in handle and stand; a remote that acts as a lens cover; HDMI input; and an LED DLP light source at a whopping 400 ANSI lumens (overcoming the biggest drawback to pico- and micro- projectors). The anodized aluminum complements the Apple lineup of MacBooks, and with the right adapter, even an iPad might be hooked up to it.

Yes, the Kickstand has loads of potential… but it has a long way to go in fundraising in just a few weeks.

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  • Edgar Cervantes

    Looks pretty cool….