A video has surfaced claiming to give us our first look at the assembled budget iPhone, but we're still a bit hesitant to call it the real deal. Actually real: the first Android knockoff based around Apple's low-cost smartphone variant.
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Assembled budget iPhone shown off in video alongside first Android knockoff

We’ve seen the components, the plastic back covers. We have a fairly good idea in our minds what the the final budget iPhone will look. So this video claiming to show off an assembled version of the secondary smartphone model from Apple doesn’t raise any immediate alerts. It looks legit, but in the tech world that typically means we should go over it with a fine-toothed comb.

The Budget iPhone from TakeMovi on Vimeo.

While we are hesitant to say this is 100 percent real, we have no qualms agreeing that the final production budget iPhone will likely look similar to what is shown in the video when it debuts later this year. The curved plastic shell has been all but confirmed in recent photo leaks. Rumors have hinted that the front of the device will more or less resemble the iPhone 5.

More interesting if the photos/videos turn out to be legitimate? A lack of hardware volume buttons and some weird ports in their stead. Possible infrared or other touch-based buttons for controlling volume? We’d speculate more but best not get too caught up in a potentially misleading video.


Better is the video’s moneyshot, which reveals that this whole budget iPhone “leak” was merely a means to showoff the new Bear Basic smartphone, an Android-based knockoff of the budget iPhone design. See? The folks producing the video definitely had access to the necessary tools to create a convincing fake iPhone design. So take that for what it’s worth.

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  • Sean Royce

    I still don’t ever see it happening. But hey, who knows what Apple will do these days. The iPad Mini wasn’t really expected.