Apple has changed up the default font in iOS 7 beta 3 for better representation on non-Retina displays, but does the switch create a shift in the updates core aesthetics? See the before and after and judge for yourself.
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Fonts get fatter in iOS 7 beta 3


As part of the major aesthetic changes wrapped into iOS 7, Apple introduced Helvetica Neue Ultra Light as a default font for apps, menus, and labels. It lasted all of two beta versions. Citing poor rendering on non-Retina displays, the design team has decided to beef things up, going from the Light version of the typeface to its regular weight in beta 3.

The change almost goes unnoticed, but still shifts away from the core visual blueprint of iOS 7 as it was introduced. Text goes from light and airy to something a bit heavier. It’s a necessary tradeoff. Folks rocking older iOS devices sans Retina display resolutions were having difficulty reading smaller text. Warranted or not, how do you think the change looks?


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  • Matt Laney

    Hate it. I just flushed my iPhone because of it.

    • Sean Royce

      Really. I highly doubt you did. You’re a comedian mate.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I don’t really mind it. It’s not really a huge difference.

  • Definite improvement

  • MinkaKelly

    lol typical apple. small little improvments

  • Ramón H. Juárez

    Oh Apple, WHAT have you done? Please let me decide between Ultra light – Regular… I MISS ultra light. It was part of the change and I loved it. Now it just looks.. like a neon iOS 6 without the neue font. (See what I did there?)

    Ultra Light. I need it back.