The foundation of a 15th century hospital was discovered at the site of a new Apple Store to open in Madrid, but building will continue as planned. How will Apple preserve the historic find?
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Apple unearthed ancient ruins while building latest store in Spain


The problem with digging a new building foundation in an older city like Madrid is that you never quite know what you will find buried below. Such was the case  when workers constructing the latest Apple Store struck the remaining foundation of the Buen Sucesco hospital, built in the 1400s and demolished in 1854. Despite their discovery, construction will continue as planned (with the approval of Madrid city officials, of  course).

Apple will not be completely ignorant of their discovery though. Instead, as suggested by Madrid’s heritage department, the ruins will remain intact with the store built on top of them. An outline on the floor of Apple’s showroom will educate shoppers about what lies beneath. The alternative was placing glass panels in the floor to reveal sections of the foundation, but it was decided it was simply not interesting enough to showcase. This is in contrast to the ruins of the Buen Sucesco church, which are encased behind glass in a subway station adjacent to where the Apple Store will sit.

The new Apple Store is set to open sometime in Madrid and will continue the company’s tradition of choosing interesting locales for their flagship retail outlets, even if that was more or less unintentional in this case.

[via The Verge]

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