Smart watch said to be headed for a late 2014 launch, contrasting with earlier reports that we could see the device before the end of the year. Will the iWatch ever be a reality?
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Apple reportedly ramps up hiring efforts for iWatch development

iwatch concept

According to the Financial Times, Apple is bringing on new hires to their iWatch (fan mockup pictured above) team at a higher rate than ever. The efforts out of Cupertino could translate to the smart watch’s launch in late 2014, the report goes on to say.

This news contrasts with previous buzz surrounding the iWatch project, which have suggested a launch could happen as soon as the end of this year (as in 2013). If the latest proves to be true, it could mean development is not as far along as initially believed. FT states that Apple could still drop the hammer on the iWatch between now and next year, however. It’s still possible the device never sees the light of day.

Most recently, Apple has been busy trademarking the iWatch brand around the world as competitors like Google continue to explore their own interests in producing a smart watch.

[via Financial Times]

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