Sources say Apple is in the early stages of discussing a takeover of PrimeSense, the company that collaborated with Microsoft on the first-generation Xbox Kinect. How would Apple utilize their expertise in natural interfaces?
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Apple could be looking to acquire PrimeSense, company behind Xbox Kinect


Could Apple be eyeing Kinect-like features for the future of their Mac and/or iOS devices? While it’s far too early to tell, rumors do point to a potential acquisition of the company behind the Xbox peripheral, PrimeSense. According to a source speaking with Israel’s Calcalist, Apple is in early discussions to buy the group that collaborated with Microsoft on the first generation of Kinect.

PrimeSense has since moved on (they weren’t involved ind enveloping Kinect for the Xbox One), but they continue to pioneer innovations in the natural interface space. Based on the increased emphasis on the physics behind iOS (and the way it interacts with the user and the real world), it’s not a far stretch to say Apple is very interest in exploring the possibilities that PrimeSense could provide.

Though the talks are in the preliminary stages, an acquisition is said to be valued at around $280 million. Things could fizzle out, but a takeover by Apple certainly wouldn’t be surprising.

[via Calcalist]

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