Apple wants to reinvent television as we know it, according to a new report, but will service providers bite? And how willing are customers to spend an additional subscription fee to remove commercials from their television broadcasts?
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Apple in talks to bring live ad skipping to next-gen Apple TV


Apple TV as we know it is a rather basic media streaming box with little ability to interface with your cable or satellite subscription. That could all change, and in a big way. Talk of a more robust Apple TV experience isn’t new, but the latest report on the matter claims that Cupertino is in early talks with television service providers to bring live ad skipping to DVR and broadcast television.

The idea is that Apple TV users could pay an additional subscription fee to Apple in exchange for removing ads from shows and movies they watch and record. Logically, the subscription fee would then trickle down to the service provider who might then distribute money to ad partners that are missing out by having their expensive commercials stripped from popular TV shows.

On the surface, it sounds like the hurdles might be too great for Apple to achieve such a grand idea. It’s hard to imagine paying a cable provider plus a subscription fee on top for Apple TV, unless of course Apple TV is offered as a bundled service. Throw in Netflix and Hulu Plus subscription and the whole thing starts to look like a rather expensive proposition. It will be interesting to see if Apple can pull off such a revolutionary television model.

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