As its rumored late September/early October launch draws near, speculation around the upcoming iPhone 5S has reached an all time high. With production already ramping up, which rumors are to be believed and which are just a bit far-fetched?
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iPhone 5S specs rumor roundup: IGZO display, NFC, fingerprint scanner


Aright, folks. Time to roundup some of these iPhone 5S rumors floating around. It’s no secret that the next-gen model won’t change much from the look of the current version. Just take a gander at this box of rear casings posted by Chinese site EXPreview. So the display should remain at 4-inches, but it will apparently use IGZO technology provided by Sharp (and/or LG). Here’s the full rumored spec list accompanying this particular leak:

  • 4-inch IGZO display (1136×650 resolution)
  • NFC
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • 12MP camera with dual-LED flash
  • 2GB RAM
  • A6 CPU (clocked higher than iPhone 5)
  • SGX 554MP4 quad-core graphics
  • Improved LTE

The improvements call for a bigger battery, which the iPhone 5S will surely have, and range from marginal improvements over the iPhone 5 to completely new features like NFC and fingerprint scanning to unlock the device. The latter feature has reportedly been a source of delays due to component shortages.

A less likely rumor claims that Apple is delaying the launch of the iPhone 5S altogether and shifting toward a 4.3-inch display. This sounds about as likely as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny ringing your front doorbell this very minute. On the off chance that your doorbell just rang, don’t bother checking.

Considering that most reports say the iPhone 5S has or is entering mass production (and the photos earlier in this post suggest just that), it seems highly unlikely Apple would balk at the last minute and begin production of an entirely different handset. We might not be surprised to learn that Apple is developing a 4.3-inch phone for release in 2014, but I don’t expect the 5S launch to be scrapped.


Of course, Apple also has plans to launch a budget model featuring plastic as the main build material. That phone was once again pictured, this time next to an iPhone 5 (dashingly done up with an Anostyle after-market finish), confirming that the device will more or less feature the same dimensions (and likely 4-inch screen) as the 5 and 5S. It still isn’t clear how its specs will differ otherwise.


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