Users have long craved a way to view individual message timestamps on their iPhones and iPads, and while Apple has not been flaunting the feature, it's finally here in iOS 7. Here's how to see them.
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How to show message timestamps in iOS 7

So you’re trying to figure out how long it’s been since your crush responded to a text message? Think your best friend might simply be ignoring your request for a ride to the airport? On the iPhone, seeing exactly what time individual messages were sent hasn’t exactly been easy. Apple’s default messaging app grouped messages sent in close proximity without providing an exact timestamp for each. But that changes in iOS 7.

Yes, now you can see exactly how long it has been since your buddy received that text about the airport. You can obsess over every minute it takes the girl of your dreams to respond. And, though Apple hasn’t really advertised it (and the process isn’t immediately intuitive), it’s super simple.

ios-7-timestampsTo see the time stamp, all you need to do is drag your finger from right to left while viewing a message thread (it works best if you start toward the right edge of the screen). The text will slide to the left revealing the time each entry was sent or received. It’s almost like magic.

This is just one of many hidden gems that will likely surface as part of iOS 7, the latest update to Apple’s mobile platform for iPhone and iPad. Consumers can expect to see the update arrive later this year alongside the release of the rumored iPhone 5S, a refreshed iPad, and a new low-cost iPhone model.

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