Verizon joins T-Mobile and AT&T in announcing their own take on the early upgrade program, but a quick look at the math doesn't add up in the costumer's favor. Is a higher monthly fee worth a new phone every six months?
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Verizon Edge provides subscribers early upgrades, no bill relief

Hot on the heels of the announcement of yet another plus quarter, Verizon is announcing their own version of the early upgrade craze that has been sweeping the wireless industry. First it was T-Mobile JUMP!, next AT&T announced Next, and now Verizon has officially introduced Edge.


Much like AT&T Next, however, Verizon Edge forces customers to choose between the ability to upgrade early or lower monthly fees. It works like this: interested buyers can choose to purchase their next phone via an installment plan spread out over 24 months (the first month is paid up front). Those monthly installments come on top of their standard Verizon bill. After 6 months, provided half of the phone’s cost has been paid off, subscribers signed up for Edge can upgrade early to a new smartphone.

So the price of upgrading early comes in at something like $20 to $30 per month in addition to the cost Verizon’s increasingly pricey plans. For some that might be a small price to pay for the ability to grab the latest and greatest smartphones on the market. For others, it’s just one more way for the man to rake us over. You can make the choice yourself starting August 25th.

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