Apple could turn to Samsung to produce display panels for a second-generation iPad Mini. The Korean company is said to have already prepared a sample for approval. Did supply chain issues force Apple's hand?
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Apple could go back to Samsung for iPad Mini 2 components

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Apple just can’t seem to quit Samsung. After a report suggested the company would turn back to Samsung as a chip supplier for mobile devices after a brief experiment with TSMC, Apple could be looking to source components for a second-gen iPad Mini as well.

Production of the original iPad Mini relied on displays produced by AU Optronics, but sources speaking to Korea’s ETNews say Samsung has already prepared an 8-inch LCD display for Apple’s approval. The move may come out of necessity. AU Optronics was apparently having issues producing the iPad Mini display on a large enough scale to meet production demands. Love ’em or hate ’em, alternative vendors can’t seem to hang with Samsung’s supply chain.

Cupertino has been making attempts to sever ties with Samsung in the wake of the ongoing patent wars that have left a devastating trail of injunctions, fines, and fees across the globe. Easier said than done, apparently.


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