The NewTrent Easypack is a portable 7000mAh rechargeable battery pack with the unique ability to charge 2 devices at once. With so many of these backup charging solutions on the market, do the unique features of the NewTrent Easypack stand out from the crowd? Read on to find out.
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Review: NewTrent Easypak Cableless Power Bank


Though today’s tablets, smartphones, and portable devices have beautiful screens, amazingly fast processors, and sport incredibly thin designs, there is still one area our portable devices still scream for an improvement – battery life.  When used heavily, it is still difficult to make it through an entire day on most smartphones and one doesn’t always have time to hang around an electric outlet when needing to juice up in the middle of the day.

While this often poor battery life of mobile devices has been a pain for device makers, it has been a boon for companies who develop battery backup solutions, battery cases, car chargers, and the like.  With so many of these backup charging solutions on the market, do the unique features of the NewTrent Easypack stand out from the crowd?  Read on to find out.


The NewTrent Easypack is a portable 7000mAh rechargeable battery pack.  It sports a very compact, smooth design and comes in a glossy piano black finish.  It certainly is one of the slicker looking backup battery designs available on the market.


The Easypack has a few features built-in that set it apart from the rest of the battery crowd as well.  Perhaps its biggest selling point is its 2 USB charging ports and built-in micro-usb cable.  The Easypack is able to charge up to two devices at the same time using these three charging outputs.  One of the USB ports is optimized for smart phone charging while the other is optimized for tablets.  The micro-usb port fits a wide variety of smart phone brands and other devices and allows you to charge any device that uses micro-usb without having to remember to bring along a charging cable.


With most households now owning a handful of devices that charge via USB or micro-usb cables, the dual charging capability of the NewTrent Easypack is a great feature to have.  Picture multiple kids juicing up their mobile devices in the car on a vacation, two businesspeople charging up their smartphones at their restaurant table over lunch, or juicing up both your tablet and smart phone before hopping on a plane at the airport all from one battery pack.  All these scenarios are made possible by the Easypack’s ability to charge multiple devices at one time.

When it comes time to recharge the Easypack itself, a built-in USB input cable pops out of the side of the device and plugs into any computer’s USB port.  A button on the top of the device can be pressed at any time to check the charge left in the Easypack.  Up to four green lights are lit up upon pressing the button to let you how much charge you have left.



The Easypack is able to output an impressive amount of juice to other devices.  I was able to charge my nearly depleted iPhone about three times using the Easypack before I had to charge the Easypack itself.   Even charging both a nearly depleted iPhone and iPad at the same time to full battery still left enough charge in the Easypack to juice up one more smart phone.

The Easypack has a special dual charging capability that allows two devices to charge at the same time without slowing down the charging speed of either device.  In my testing this seemed to be true as my iPhone recharged at the same speed wether it was charging alone or at the same time as an iPad.

One gripe I had against the Easypack is how long it takes for the Easypack to recharge.  It would have been nice to have the option to recharge the Easypack quickly by plugging it into a wall outlet.  Unfortunately, this is not possible as the the Easypack is only rechargeable via its built-in, pop-out USB cable.  Charging the Easypack using my computer’s USB port was very slow and took about 5 hours to charge from a mostly depleted state.


One other small gripe I had was the lack of built-in ability to charge Apple devices.  Because Apple devices charge via a special Lightning port rather than a through a micro-usb port, I still had to remember to bring along my Apple Lightning to USB cables everywhere I went in order to charge my iPhone and iPad with the Easypack.  It would have been nice to have the ability to charge these devices built right into the battery pack as well.  In all fairness, I have yet to see any battery packs with a built-in Lightning input as of yet.


In a crowded market of backup batteries, battery packs, and battery cases, the NewTrent Easypack manages to stand out from the crowd with its ability to charge multiple devices at once and with its convenient, built-in micro-usb cable.

If you or your family members own multiple devices and you find yourself on needing a charge frequently while on the road, the NewTrent Easypack makes keeping multiple devices charged up while on the go very convenient and easy.



The NewTrent Easypack is available directly from NewTrent’s website for $37.95.

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