New iOS 7 build available today after Apple's developer portal experienced a week of downtime. Two additional betas will follow before a consumer release in early September.
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iOS 7 beta 4 download coming today [Update: Available now]


Update: As expected, iOS 7 beta 4 is no available for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S, iPod Touch, and iPad. Developers can grab the download via an over-the-air update or directly from the Apple developer site. The latest beta is expected to address bugs and performance issues.

Word on the street is that Apple will release the fourth beta installment of iOS 7 today. Those with iOS developer accounts can expect to see the update drop at the standard time of 1PM EDT/10AM PDT. It will be available both as an over-the-air update and direct download from Apple’s recently revived developer portal.

Many expect the new beta to launch last week. It may very well have been scheduled to before Apple’s developer site was taken offline by a security breach. After a week of downtime, the site has been restored just in time for the latest iOS 7 release.

Sources indicate that Apple has two more beta releases planned before the launch of the iOS 7 gold master (GM) release in early September.

[via BGR]

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  • Paul

    what about ota update without uuid registered as developer?

    • Mike

      Co-worker just did it on his iPhone 5 from Verizon just fine and he’s not UUID or Developer registered, supposedly.

      • Jessica Rosenzweig

        Where did they get the download

        • Mike

          They used the OTA

    • tom

      i’ve tried the OTA update and it worked perfectly without having uuid registered

  • Guest

    i’ve tried the OTA update and it worked without having uuid registered

  • Boston George – WSHH MODERATOR

    swag swag bitches