A new lawsuit seeks damages of lost wages for Apple retail store employees. The suit accuses Apple of holding employees off the clock while waiting to have their bags and purses inspected. Employees lost up to 30 minutes each shift.
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Apple retail store employees file suit for lost wages


Imagine that you’re an Apple retail store employee anticipating your lunch break.  You’ve had a long day of slanging iPods and are ready for a bite to eat.  You punch out, grab your keys, walk ou… oh, and one more thing.  You can’t leave until the store manager check your bags.

That’s the picture painted by a lawsuit filed by two former Apple employees in Northern California.  According to the suit, store employees were forced to wait for 5-15 unpaid minutes to have their bags and purses inspected before they left the store.  If an employee chose to leave the store for lunch, that means they had to forfeit 30 unpaid minutes of their time each shift.

The lawsuit, which is for unspecified damages and includes thousands of employees dating back more than a decade, cites a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act and other state labor laws.

Looks like Apple really takes commanding your attention to heart.

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  • Edgar Cervantes

    Looks like they are about to pay much more than they would have lost if they just let their workers walk out. I mean come on, it’s not that easy (even for an Apple worker) to just walk out with a product. Plus, they probably have cameras too.