This case seems to embody all of the rumors we've been hearing about the "iPhone 5C" that is expected to be introduced later this year. But will it really be what Apple brings to market?
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‘iPhone 5C’ case outlines possible new hardware features [VIDEO]


A freshly posted video from ODOYO USA outlines several features of a case destined to be used with the much-rumored “iPhone 5C”, which is presumed to be released later this year as a lower-cost option in the iPhone lineup.

This case physically displays all of the rumored features we’ve been hearing about: a rounded backing, a different shape of the volume controls, the movement of the headphone jack to the bottom of the device. It seems that the this iPhone has taken many design cues from the current-generation iPod touch, which was introduced last fall.

As I’ve noted previously, there is mounting evidence that Apple is indeed working on a “lower-cost” iPhone. I’m still skeptical of the final design, and we really won’t know what will be introduced until the day of the announcement. That is something that should always be kept in mind. This video presents several things as fact such as the release timeframe and the name.


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