The Sensu stylus is a brush and stylus in one combining two useful tools to provide the user with more options while they're letting the creative choices flow. If you're a digital artist, the Sensu is an excellent alternative to most styli on the market today.
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Review: Sensu portable Artist brush and stylus



The Sensu Portable Artist Brush and Stylus for touchscreen devices is the perfect device for “digital” artists. The merging of technology and art has provided many with the ability to use a tablet as a canvass and express themselves in a unique and forgiving environment.  Artists of all ages already know how to use an iPad or tablet of their choice. So, with the addition of a “tool” like the Sensu Stylus, the possibilities are endless.

What is the Sensu Stylus?

The Sensu stylus is a brush and stylus in one combining two useful tools to provide the user with more options while they’re letting the creative choices flow. The patent pending brand-new hair technology was carefully chosen for its natural feel, flexibility and strength.

On one end of the Sensu you have a spongy, rubber-ish surface that can be used on any capacitive device, whether to it be in a art influenced a or simply to navigate around on your device.  The opposing end is where the magic begins.  Here the synthetic hair fibers are protected when not in use by a matching handle/cap that can also cover the rubber end, too.


With an attractive design that sports a comfort grip handle, the Sensu is definitely created for a premium market.  And with a price tag of $39.99 the Sensu is no cheap knock-off either.  Originating as a kick-starter product, early backers obviously saw an original idea worth backing, and the Sensu Stylus delivers–for the most part.

Stylus or Paint brush?

Yes.  However, not all styli are created equal.  Personally, I am not a fan of the rubberized end offered on the Sensu.  To me it’s a little slick and prone to becoming brittle and a dust magnet without its own cover.  When not in use, the stylus takes the brunt of any abuse this otherwise, well-thought out artist brush might endure. But lets be honest here. When you invest in the Sensu, your mostly doing so with the intention of using it in its paint brush form anyway.

Final thoughts on the Sensu

In a market growing increasingly crowded with the average run of the mill styli, the Sensu has achieved a “status” that digital artists simply can’t ignore.  By doing so, they have created a product that oozes quality and elegance by merging exceptional functionality with impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail.  It is easy to see why an artist is drawn to the Sensu.  The natural feel and look of the brush-strokes (minus the slight delay from the touchscreen device) is the closest thing to painting on a tablet I have ever experienced. However, if for some reason you don’t agree, they have a very generous 90 day guarantee to back up their confidence in the Sensu.  Order yours today in either chrome or the newly released black version and receive free USPS shipping to a US address in as little as 3-5 business days following processing.


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