It was recently discovered that iOS 7 is tracking our every move, logging location data in an effort to aid Notification Center in serving relevant content to users. Should we be scared?
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iOS 7 is Watching: Apple’s latest location tracking scare


Red alert! Red alert! Sound the alarm! A new Apple location tracking scare is taking the internet by storm. It was recently discovered that iOS 7 is plotting the moves of its users, storing locations in a running a log. This is the part where you freak out.

Apple’s intentions aren’t evil, at least not from their own justification for the Big Brother-esque activity. Just like Google Now, iOS 7 is gathering location info to better serve the user. Data collected is being used to determine the places a user frequents in order to feed useful and relevant data via Notification Center.

But we get it. There will always be people not comfortable with the idea of sharing location info with anyone, let alone Apple. Perhaps Cupertino will be a little more transparent about the feature once iOS 7 leaves beta and reaches the general public. The ability to opt-in to location tracking would ease the minds of many.¬†For now, best not to get too worked up over the discovery. At least not until we get a better idea of Apple’s ultimate motives for storing location info.


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