MixBit takes familiar video sharing tropes and turns them on their head with a unique approach to collaborative and communal creation. Is the latest from YouTube's founders just outlandish enough to work?
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YouTube founders launch MixBit, a new twist on mobile video sharing


Mobile video sharing has been a two pony race between Vine and Instagram, but a new challenger has just emerged. The brainchild of the individuals that put internet video on the map with YouTube, MixBit is a unique take on social content curation that allows users to capture, edit, share, and remix clips on the fly.

The basic premise will be familiar to anyone that has used Instagram or Vine. Touch the screen to record a clip up to 16 seconds in length. From there, it’s a whole new beast. These 16 second clips can be combined to create a video up to an hour in length. Clips can be rearranged on the fly before and after uploading, making for a truly different experience. In fact, a user theoretically doesn’t need to capture their own video at all. MixBit users can pull clips from other videos for use in their own creations.

The full range of functionality is still rolling out, but the app is now available as a free download. If you feel the need to add one more video service to your arsenal, you can grab MixBit from the App Store now.

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