The booq boa squeeze backpack has the unique ability to live up to its name and let you *squeeze* a stunning amount of stuff into a small pack. Check it out to see how!
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Review: booq Boa Squeeze – the best backpack with an unusual name

Bag maker booq has many collections mostly named after snakes – Boa, Mamba, Python, and Viper for example. And if the other collections are as well made as the Boa Squeeze, this company will be around for a long while.


Unlike most backpacks and their utilitarian vacuous rectangular bag shape slung over your shoulder(s), the Boa Squeeze has a striking curved appearance that securely and tightly holds a surprising amount of contents.

Take a look below:

After two weeks of traveling, you’re witnessing everything I packed in and unpacked from the Boa Squeeze from the last plane ride and vacation. This includes

  • an iPad Mini in a portfolio with paper,
  • an iPad in its case,
  • a 13″ MBP (it holds a 15″),
  • a textbook,
  • three pairs of glasses and their cases,
  • a softbound book,
  • the MBP brick,
  • various clerical supplies (clips, USB drives, business cards, post-it notes, a stress ball, etc.)
  • and a cylindrical green pencil case stuffed with cords and adapters,

…and there was still room to spare in the sides.

If the sides weren’t spacious enough, the Boa’s unzipped “snake head” shaped cover hides even more storage with a lengthy interior zippered sleeve and a mesh pocket on the flap, and two exterior zippered compartments on the same flap.

The only downside to having a curved bag is that it doesn’t sit on the ground when removed. With the heavy contents, the bag falls forward like a turtle on its back.


The Boa Squeeze’s exterior is made of tough, water repellent “1680 ballistic nylon” that is rugged and highly resistant to abuse and wear. Despite the strong exterior, the Boa Squeeze has a classy and slightly glossy appearance. After being caught in a rainstorm, I can attest to its water resistance and after weeks of use, the Boa Squeeze’s durability is exceptional.

While I am big fan of the curved shape, I am not fond of the back straps. They are advertised as strong mesh to stay cool, but they are rough and scratchy. And unlike most straps on other bags, they are more rigid and their different feel take time to get used to. They also both beg to be worn: slinging just one strap over a shoulder is highly uncomfortable after a short period of time – especially if the bag is loaded.


Unlike the last backpack I reviewed here, the Boa Squeeze‘s main area has many slots and spots, a pen holder, the lengthy zippered pocket, and an expandable mesh pocket. The two side zipperd sections also have open pockets and a key clip in one side. I prefer this design to carry various things – from business cards to earbuds – and while a large space is good for bulky items, without enough dedicated pockets, all the small items become cluttered the bottom.

The contrastingly light beige interior wall is a dense foam that protects up to a 15″ MBP with a little more room for papers and maybe a thin Manila folder. The padded protection continues around the laptop area with the same dense foam in the backing layered with additional soft padding that, when wearing, rests against your back.

Lost and Found

Another unique feature that makes this booq bag stand out is the “Terralinq” tag and the free Terralinq service.

Nestled deeply beneath the overly rigid back strap is a metal tag with an identifying number and website:

If you ever lose your booq® bag with its valuable cargo, Terralinq may help reunite you with your lost bag once it has been located and reported to Terralinq. To make this possible, each booq bag with Terralinq carries a unique item number on a metal label. Registering links a product’s unique number with an identity – yours. Should a registered bag be reported as lost & found, Terralinq will attempt to contact you with a bag’s location and the finder’s contact information.

While it’s not a guarantee that you’ll find your bag if ever lost, it greatly improves the odds if an honest person discovers your bag! And as someone who has lost his bag once (after hurriedly packing up after a presentation), I could use those improved odds.

My New Favorite

When wearing the booq Boa Squeeze, I had many favorable comments about its design and appearance: it impresses passersby. It fit easily below the airplane seat in front of me and left me room for my feet (a convenience when you’re a frugal 6’3″ traveler), and it securely and snugly holds a surprising amount of content.

After weeks of daily use, hundreds of miles traveling, and enduring both rain and sun, the booq Boa Squeeze has snaked its way into my top ranking for backpacks.

The booq® Boa Squeeze is currently available for $129.95 at a nearby retailer or online.


The booq Boa Squeeze was provided for review by the generosity of booq®
and MaxBorges Agency. For questions about our review policies, see the “About” tab.

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