Apple's next iPad is said to use the same touch panel technology first introduced with the iPad mini, leading to a thinner and lighter design that should take its cues from the smaller slate.
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Just as expected, report claims fifth-generation iPad will take after mini counterpart

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Even before images claiming to showcase the casing of the fifth-generation iPad surfaced, the belief was that Apple’s flagship tablet would see a design overhaul with its next iteration. All signs pointed to the next iPad adopting elements first introduced with the iPad mini, and a new report substantiates such claims.

The WSJ is reporting that Apple will deploy the touch panel technology first used in the iPad mini in the next iPad, a design that allowed that particular tablet to be as thin and light as possible. We are likely looking at the same for the fifth generation of Apple’s full-sized slate: a case design that is thinner and lighter than ever before while carrying similar design cues to the iPad mini.

Over the weekend we learned that Apple could debut the next iPhone on September 10th. Whether or not new iPads come at the same time is unknown, but we should see a refreshed tablet lineup from Apple by the end of the year.

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