Much speculation has surrounded the rumored fingerprint scanner to be included in the iPhone 5S. The latest rumors suggest it will be located in the home button and feature sapphire crystal construction.
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Sapphire crystal could be central to Apple’s home button fingerprint scanner


While the iPhone 5S isn’t expected to be a drastic departure from the current iPhone 5, one feature will set it apart. The inclusion of a fingerprint scanner as an alternative to the phone’s iconic slide-to-unlock looks to be one of the key elements of Apple’s smartphone refresh. New rumors are shedding some light on the location of design of the biometric sensor.

Two main possibilities exist for the location of a fingerprint scanner: embedded in the phone’s display, or built into the home button. The latter is looking more and more likely, and it is now being said the the button/scanner combo will be constructed of sapphire crystal.

Sapphire crystal is growing in popularity as a build material for smartphones thanks to its high resistance to scratching. It already features in the iPhone 5’s rear camera lens, and manufacturers are beginning to use the material as an alternative to traditional display glass.

An event planned for September 10th has been all but confirmed for the launch of the next-gen iPhone. The 5S will likely be accompanied by a lower cost iPhone 5C.

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