It's the time of year we've all been waiting for--Apple is purportedly set to unveil the next generation of iPhones in less than a month. Will we see the introduction of the plastic, low-cost version iPhone along side the next generation iPhone?
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New iPhones to be unveiled on September 10th

iOS 7 control center and notifications

Apple is said to be preparing for an unveiling of it’s next generation iPhone along side a lower cost iPhone on September 10th according to sources close to AllThingsD. It is widely expected that we will finally see the introduction of a plastic version of the iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 5C, available in a variety of colors, and sporting rounded corners and a variation in the volume button buttons and head phone jack location.

It is unclear what the introduction of the iPhone 5C will do to potentially change the typical iPhone lineup dynamic that we are so accustomed to seeing at the release of the newest iPhone.  Will the iPhone 5  be available at the discounted $99 price-tag like the previous one year old iPhone has been when the newest version is released, with the two year old version become available for free on contract?  Whatever the final lineup ends up looking like, we expect all announced devices to be launched with the latest version of iOS 7.

To be honest, I have no idea what to expect.  Perhaps the plastic version is the silver bullet that Apple expects to release in emerging markets and countries that don’t subsidize the full price of the phone like major carriers do in the US.  We still expect it to be released in the US, so something most likely has to change.  It’s hard to imagine where exactly the 5C will fit in the pricing scheme, and how favorably it will be received in the US.  With less than a month until the unveiling, it won’t be long until our questions are answered.


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