In an interview with Charlie Rose, Larry Ellison of Oracle predicts troubling times ahead for Apple in the post-Steve Jobs era, saying, "We already know. We conducted the experiment." Will Apple repeat the woes of the Jobs-less 90s?
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Is Apple destined to repeat the misfortunes of the Jobs-less early 90s?

Larry Ellison of Oracle fancies himself a bit of an oracle, but his all-seeing views on the future of Apple take their foundation from the company’s past. Asked during an interview with CBS This Morning’s Charlie Rose about the future of Apple without his good friend Steve Jobs, Ellison said we have already seen that story play out.

He was referencing to the period during the late 1980s and early 90s in which Jobs was not a player at Apple. This marked one of the biggest down periods in the company’s history. It wasn’t until Jobs’ return in the later 90s that Apple started to see its fortunes turn around. Ellison believe that without Jobs, Apple is destined to experience the same sort of troubles.

While Apple’s future is certainly a bit less clear without Jobs, he built a strong foundation with the iPod, iTunes, iPhone and iPad that should allow the company to ride high for quite some time. As with all things, though, only time will tell of Tim Cook and company have what it takes to carry on the legacy of one of tech’s greatest innovators.

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