After disappearing from the App Store in May, it now appears Apple will acquire for $1.5 million. Services are expected to be rolled into Apple's Apple TV platform, but nothing is set in stone. It would be a welcomed addition.
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Report: Apple acquires second screen service


The reported acquisition of could give us some idea of where Apple plans to go with future iterations of their Apple TV platform. is a so-called second screen service. It’s aim, before it disappeared in May of this year, was to provide relevant content and interactions to enhance the television viewing experience.

Such features included TV listings that would put your cable or satellite box’s ugly menus to shame, your Netflix and Hulu queues, recommendations, social networking options, and more. The app wasn’t attempting to lure you away from traditional media consumption, it simply looked to make it a more robust experience.

The removal of the app seems now to coincide with news that Apple will acquire the company for somewhere in the $1 to $1.5 million range.  But what does it mean for Cupertino? The obvious conclusion is a branded Apple TV app that will provide similar functionality and perhaps tie into a more advanced version of the smart television platform, one that actually ties into your cable stream in a more Google TV-like way.

It would be one step in the right direction. A connected living room concept that could win over plenty at the right price. But other than speculation we have little to suggest when an Apple TV refresh is coming or what to expect, so take all with a grain of salt for now.

[via VentureBeat]

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