Jony Ive's design principles have found their way to yet another Apple product, but we can't say it wasn't expected. The iCloud Beta site is currently showcasing an iOS 7-inspired design to go along with the upcoming release for iPhone and iPad.
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iCloud gets an iOS 7 makeover

iCloud iOS 7

It isn’t much of a surprise, but the iCloud Beta site just got a fresh new look that brings it inline with the soon-to-be-released iOS 7 update for iPhone and iPad. Jony Ive is king and his kingdom is flat. Skeuomorphism has been banished to a far off land. No more mimicked leather grain or digitally bound addressed book. It’s all clean lines, bright colors, and the minimalist aesthetic that has caused so much controversy since it was first showcased at WWDC.

You can see some of the differences represented here, but nothing is stopping from taking a gander yourself. If you have an iCloud account you can log into now and check out all the changes that are coming as part of the iOS 7 launch.

iCloud calendar

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