Designer Brian Richer's Coil Lamp reuses that old MagSafe charger to power an LED light fixture with an attractive modern design. A decent looking lamp without the MacBook novelty, its price tag might put this one out of most's reach.
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Here’s one (expensive) way to recycle your old MagSafe charger…


This $950 lamp doesn’t come with many fancy features. It’s simple design delivers the soft glow of LED lighting but not much more. It does boast one clever trick, though: Brian Richer’s Coil Lamp is powered by your old MacBook MagSafe power adaptor.

So that’s one really expensive way to get continued use out of your old or partially broken  power cords from Apple’s previous generations of notebook computing. For the price, we don’t see how the novelty makes the lamp any better, though.

[via Gizmodo]

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