A few Back-to-School sales have recently been announced! Click to see how much money you can save!
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Back-to-School Sales, Sales, Sales! [UPDATE]

image courtesy of knightsoftherealmcollectibles.com

image courtesy of knightsoftherealmcollectibles.com

Several of our friendly and recommended accessory makers are have recently announced some big sales!



Just in time for Back-to-School, ZooGue is offering 16 of its products up to 90% off! I have many ZooGue products and can speak to both their design and their high quality. I’ve reviewed their leather Genius Case Pro here – and have purchased even more of their products, including a Stylus, BinderPad, and iPhone Social cases. (I plan to also add the iPad Mini Social Case thanks to this sale!)


And not that I would mention it on an idevice blog, but their Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 Social Cases are on sale too.



Soon after this review, I received an email announcing a 15% discount on DefenderPad. The website is also showing a current $99.99 price reduced to $89.99! By using the code, “Backtoschool” at checkout, that brings the current price to $76.49 – nearly 25% reduction from the initial price!




Favorite exercise app developer, lolo, has announced all apps 50% off (or more). You can find all the lolo apps in the App Store by doing a search for “lolo.”

What other back-to-school sales are you encountering? Comment and let us know!

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