Advisor to Nike during the creation of the FuelBand, Blahnik brings a background in fitness and wearable tech to Apple that could be immediately useful in the creation of the company's long-rumored smart watch.
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Is Jay Blahnik Apple’s latest iWatch hire?

Apple has reportedly hired on Jay Blahnik in what could be yet another move related to the fabled iWatch. Blahnik is a fitness guru who spent time working with Nike in development of their FuelBand, the wrist-worn apparatus designed to track a user’s activity level.


While little is known about what the final iWatch product could be, fitness tracking will likely play a large role. It’s a growing market with offerings from Nike, FitBit, and Jawbone all growing in popularity. Pair a great fitness experience with a connected watch capable of syncing with your iPhone for notifications and alerts and we already have the makings of a solid device. Of course, it would need that little Apple touch to push it beyond what we have seen from smart watches in the past.

Blahnik’s role at Apple has not been confirmed, but a place on the iWatch team is only logical. That, or Apple has some other sort of fitness-relates product waiting in the wings.

[via Engadget]

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