Music video platform could launch Apple TV app by end of week as part of deal that will bring on demand content to the platform alongside a 24 hour channel of original content. Is this MTV 2.0?
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Vevo coming soon to an Apple TV near you

vevo-logoAccording to the WSJ, Vevo has inked deals with Apple and Samsung, and the result will be more music videos on a TV near you. The deal includes on demand video viewing as well as a 24 hour channel of content to be distributed via Apple TV and Samsung television sets. We could see an official Vevo app launch for Apple TV “as soon as this week,” the report states.

The hope is that Vevo will be able to generate more revenue by encouraging viewers to watch videos on official apps rather than YouTube, where Google gets a cut. Additional profits would trickle down to artists.

Apple has been making a solid push to curate new apps and services for their TV platform, which could lead to much bigger things down the road. Tim Cook has stated that Apple TV remains a priority, but aside from recruiting additional content sources, we haven’t seen much movement on that front these past several months.


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  • Edgar Cervantes