New reports all but confirm the existence of the gold/champagne iPhone as images surface giving us a more accurate representation of the devices final color scheme. Will the luxury look go over big in China?
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More gold iPhone speculation (and images)

iphone 5s gold, all colors

While we all would rather it just be September 10th, new iPhones officially announced, we’ll have to settle for a healthy dose of speculation reverb. Once again we are talking the gold iPhone 5S, which has been pictured in what is said to be a most accurate representation of its final color profile alongside black and white models.

As seen here, the descriptor “champagne” definitely seems to fit better than “gold.” If Apple decides to go with that marketing language, it makes sense. It imparts a level of class and luxuriousness to the option, which is said to be a main goal in producing the third color.



Reuters, confirming the existence of a gold/champagne iPhone, jumps in on the talk that the color might be specifically geared towards markets in China and India. It has been suggested that the color makes a good up-sell for folks in those regions who might otherwise opt to go with the cheaper iPhone 5C.

Taking the question to the streets, Reuters found that consumers in a Chinese Apple Store had mixed opinions on the matter. It seems no color, appealing or not, will be quite enough to get buyers in those regions to ignore a high price tag.

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  • Edgar Cervantes

    Looks kinda tacky. I would stick with black. lol