Are you looking for the best software for lost files and data recovery? Do you want to know how to backup your SMS from your iPhone to a computer? Are you looking for a personal organizer or are you wanting September 10th to get here already? These are just some of the burning questions are readers were discussing in the iSource forums this week. Come join the discussion!
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From the forums, this week at iSource


The iSource forums are filled with questions and viewpoints about everything Apple.  In addition to being a place to answer your questions, the forums are a great place to find out about the latest games being released, and catch up on all the rumored Apple news that came out during the week.  We have a large forum with thousands of entries on a wide variety of subject matter?  Here are just a few of the topics our readers were discussing this past week.

Which is the best software for lost files and data recovery?

I’ve lost all my files from my drive because of a virus I would like to know what is the best free data recovery software that I can use to recover my files? “4Bestsoft Data Recovery For Mac”!!!!!


Can I backup my sms in my iPhone to pc?

Hey Guys, I’m running a Jailbroken iPhone, Is there a program either on the app store, or Cydia that will allow you to save your messages onto your computer in plain text, excel or any other format so you can delete them from the phone, and keep them on your PC?


Apple Event rumored to be held on September 10th–what to expect?

With Apple’s rumored event less than a month away, it’s time to start the speculation and discussion on what we expect Apple to announce/release.  iPhone 5S?  New, less expensive, plastic  iPhone 5C?  iPad mini?  5th generation iPad?  iWatch?

What are you hoping/expecting Apple to announce on September 10th?


CuteTag: Efficient Organizer for Personal Info

CuteTag is a personal knowledge base application available on iOS and Android platforms. With CuteTag you can keep records and organize all your notes, phones, passwords, pictures, voice diary etc. No permanent internet connection is required, but all your data might be backed up to a web-cloud, which prevent it from being lost. Your data also might be accessed from the web-browser by our web-interface. CuteTag also offers a possibility to draw a map of your data based on your tags which allows to handle bigger amount of personal notes a lot easier than before.


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