Google's new Chromecast for iOS doesn't offer much with streaming content still limited on an app by app basis, but it does offer users a way to manage the low-cost streaming dongle via iPhone or iPad.
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Google’s Chromecast gets iOS app, don’t expect much from it


The iPhone and iPad just got their very own Chromecast app, but if you were hoping that might open up a whole new world of streaming content we’ve got some disappointing news for you. The app doesn’t turn your iOS device into a streaming machine, rather it only allows users to set up and manage the Chromecast devices connected to their network.

What content is up for stream still varies on an app by app basis, which equates to a mostly limited experience up front with services like Netflix and YouTube on board. On the Android side, Google has been squashing every attempt to create all-purpose streaming apps exploiting holes left in the Chromecast’s firmware.

AirPlay remains the best option for Apple fans to get their streaming fix, though, albeit it a slightly higher price than Chromecast’s $35. All things considered, Apple TV is more and more appealing every day.

[via Engadget]

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