Reports indicate that Apple has purchased the Swedish startup, which focuses on lossless compression of data such as image files. How does Apple plan to utilize the technology in future devices?
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Report: Apple buys data compression firm AlgoTrim

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Data is big business, and for most smartphone users it doesn’t come cheap. Since carriers don’t seem inclined to drop pricing any time soon, companies like Swedish startup AlgoTrim have made it their goal to reduce data usage. Apple apparently wants a piece of that pie.

Reports state that Apple has acquired AlgoTrim, the latest in what has been a fairly busy summer on that front. AlgoTrim’s data compression could factor into future iPhone software to help conserve bandwidth and keep data usage (and therefor costs) down. The firm already boasts JPEG compression with file sizes six times smaller than the average.

That extreme image compression has also led to speculation that Apple could actually be going after the firm in relation to future iPhone/iPad imaging technology that could see a huge bump up in megapixels (think Nokia’s PureView). We’re not holding out breath on that one.

Considering the amount of strain iPhone and iPad devices put on the typical carrier network, it’s in the best interest of all involved to work towards ways to cut back on data consumption, and we suspect that’s exactly what Apple is doing here.

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