After speculation that Apple would hold off on unveiling new iPads until later in the year, is there still hope to see refreshed tablets at September 10th's iPhone launch event?
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Will we see a new iPad on September 10th, after all?

ipad miniAfter reporting that new iPads would not be a part of Apple’s September 10th event to launch the next generation of iPhone devices, Bloomberg has apparently unearthed information to change to their tune. A source now says Cupertino will show off refreshed phone and tablet offerings on that day, per a few lines slipped into a story about a new Apple retail store in Tokyo

The report does not lend any clarification as to whether we will see the fifth-generation iPad, an iPad mini refresh, or both. There is also the possibility that Apple gives us a Mac Pro-esque tease for the new iPads with a launch date coming closer to the end of the year.   Launching two new iPhones and two new iPads concurrently could, after all, be counterproductive for the company.

The fifth-generation iPad is said to take its design cues from the iPad mini, featuring a similar display that will allow for a much thinner bezel. The iPad mini could see an update that includes a Retina display.

[via Bloomberg]

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  • Edgar Cervantes

    Bring on the iPad mini with retina!

    • Renkman

      Agreed–a must. You think it will be announced at the same event? I go back and forth. Right now, I think it needs it’s own event unless it’s just a “retina refresh.” However, Apple opened the flood gates with everything at once last year, so there definitely is a precedence for it.

  • fallen apple

    That would be awesome. I think they need to strike early and get there products in stores and ready to sell before the major holiday’s. If they hold off on the new ipad’s until November they risk losing sales to the next gen gaming consoles from sony and Microsoft which cost $400 and $500.