Another month, even more apps. As summer winds down and we head into the Labor Day weekend, here are the top new updated apps and games for iPhone and iPad from August 2013.
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Top 5 iPhone and iPad apps of August 2013

Labor Day weekend? Already? Boy, time flies. Seems like summer just started. And what a summer it was. Plenty of apps. Plenty of apps. Even more good ones in August. But enough of my rambling…on to the top apps and games of the month!

Yahoo! Fantasy Sports (Fantasy Football)


Sliding in with a late July launch, Yahoo has overhauled their Fantasy Sports app just in time for the football season. Along with a totally revamped UI — one that runs a lot smoother — the app introduces new features like live drafting and push notifications. The relaunch is only the beginning of a push to unify all of Yahoo’s fantasy leagues in one app, and it’s one of the best you’ll find on a mobile device. [DOWNLOAD]

Plants vs. Zombies 2


The highly-anticipated followup to one of the most addicting mobile games of the past few years, Plants vs. Zombies 2 picks up right where we left off. Gameplay will be immediately familiar to any fan of the series, but PopCap has loaded the latest version with new mini games, zombies, plants, and a time traveling twist. Then there’s the Treasure Yeti. With expansions already planned, many an hour is sure to be lost to this excellent sequel. [DOWNLOAD]

The Human Body


Intended mostly as an educational tool for younger children, The Human Body impresses as a Visible Body for the iPhone age. Illustrations cater to the wee ones but the interactive look at what makes the human body tick is as impressive to behold even for older audiences. The app makes use of a phone or tablets various cameras and sensors to simulate bodily functions, resulting in an immersive and fun learning experience. [DOWNLOAD]



Carrot won’t be for everyone, and thus almost didn’t make our list. Its tongue-in-cheek sense of humor isn’t always appealing, but for an alarm clock app you can’t beat the simple, elegant design.

While the app will wake you up with a cutesy robot voice and songs, the challenges issued to snooze or turn off the alarm will be sure to get you out of bed. Yes, the app will ask you to do silly things like release a neurotoxin and dispose of the resulting dead body, but if you ignore the (often failed) wit this typically only involves shaking your phone or performing some sort of touch gesture. [DOWNLOAD]

Asphalt 8: Airborne


An eighth Asphalt title? We’ll take it. If you like fast cars and fast gameplay, this is the series for you. The latest edition adds in ramps and aerial stunts (as the title suggests) alongside nearly 50 licensed vehicles from Ferraris to Bugattis. The graphics are tightened, the racing is solid, and you can challenge the world with multiplayer and leaderboards. 99 cents seems like a small price to pay by comparison. [DOWNLOAD]

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